Planning Commission

The purposes of the Planning Commission is to support and further the goals and objectives of the Michigan Planning Enabling Act, P.A. 33 of 2008 within Salem Township. The Township Planning Commission shall:
Adhere to policy that complies with the preservation, protection and appropriate use of the Township's resources.
Protect fragile lands, natural features, water resources, and the environmental safety of Salem Township.
Members of the Planning Commission and terms are as follows:

Member Term Expires Position
Bart Cann 12/31/24 Member
Robert Rizzo 12/31/23 Member
Darryl Levandowski 12/31/24 ZBA  Liason
TJ McLaughlin 12/31/24 Board Liaison
Pam Merlo 12/31/22 Chairwoman
Dan Vergari 12/31/22 Vice-Chair
Kevin Frost 12/31/23 ?Secretary