Salem Township is a rural community with a long history of farming, horse stables and vegetable commerce.  The community has vast open land with many interconnected wetlands that make up the headwaters for the Middle Rouge and Huron Rivers.  A majority of residents moved here to enjoy the rural living and the peace associated with country living.

In accordance with our Growth Management Plan, Salem Township has adopted Zoning Ordinances such as a Wetland Ordinance, Storm Water Ordinance and a Natural Feature Ordinance to ensure that the quality of life enjoyed by our residents is maintained.

The role of the Building Department is to follow the current Michigan Building codes and the ordinances of Salem Township.  To provide a standard of enforcement that helps preserve and promote the public health, safety and general welfare for the residents of the Township.

Building Coordinator
Anne E. Alexander

Building inspections are done Monday - Thursday, late afternoons
Electrical inspections are done Monday and Thursdays from 9am - 12pm
Mechanical and Plumbing are done Tuesday and Thursday from from 8am-4pm
All inspectors are independent contractors and work part time for the Township. We do not give out their information.
Inspections are set by calling the Building Department by 4pm. the day prior to the inspection. Inspections should be ready for anytime on the day requested. 

Links to Washtenaw County forms that might be require for projects: